Ode to my parents

“An ode to my parents”


An ode to my parents will air on Radio 1 on Sunday afternoon, 15 May, 9pm. It is a portrait of Daniel Cross, artistic director of Rosa Ensemble.

His music theatre production Akasha, A brief theatre of everything will premiere at the end of this month on Operadagen in Rotterdam. “My work is actually quite mono thematic’, he says. It’s always about life and death, good and bad. Carine van Santen talks to him about the relationship between Cross’s family history and his work. How does his life story come through in his music? Everything I do is an ode to my parents, he says.

Cross has been the artistic director of Rosa Ensemble since 1997. In Akasha, Cross is inspired by the theory of the Akasha field, a theory that states the past, present and future of the universe are interconnected. With a dizzying mirror decor, Rosa Ensemble literally floats through space.



Radio Doc

“Een ode aan mijn ouders” 

Broadcast on Sunday 5 May, 21.00hrs on Radio 1