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Dear audience,

We have a sad announcement. The screenings of our fifth opera film The Other in Spanga from 17 to 25 October are canceled. When we started ticket sales in July, the Covid-19 situation was calm and manageable. We are allowed to play, even for 100 people, because we have a transcending function, but after careful consideration and reading articles in de Volkskrant, we decided not to do it: “The advice and measures differed in a number of points. For example, the OMT had advised to reduce the maximum group size of meetings in interior spaces to twenty, but that limit has been set at thirty. ”

What is special about the situation of Opera Spanga is that the audience traditionally comes in large numbers from the Amsterdam area. This would cause extra and unnecessary travel from the Randstad to Friesland.

Ticket buyers were notified on October 2. We offer our audience the opportunity to view The Other online. People who have not yet bought tickets for the film screening will soon be able to obtain a paid link to the film.