Götterfunken (2011)

Composer Wilbert Bulsink and illustrator Geert Glas cycled 9000 kilometers across Europe: via Scandinavia to Istanbul and from there onwards to Macedonia. Everywhere they came, they received a warm welcome, but were warned for the next village. In Götterfunken the Rosa Ensemble joins their trip.

Götterfunken is performance about the European spirit; about national identity, xenophobia and international unity. It is a mix of music, field recordings, songs, stories, images and live-animation. The Rosa Ensemble crosses Europe, along the borders of sound, music and storytelling, to places where the uninteresting becomes interesting.

Danish ferry motors, Norwegian sheep, Swedish folk singing, Sibelius’ grand piano, Estonian freight trains, Latvian church organ, Lithuanian crickets, Belarusian water pumps, Ukrainian disco, Soviet radar reverb, Romanian nuns, and Turkish muezzins.


Percussion – Daniel Cross
(Double) Bass (Guitar) – Peter Jessen
Keys – Laurens de Boer
Guitar – Jeroen Kimman
Vocals – Stephanie Pan
Vocals – Esther Mugambi

Composition – Wilbert Bulsink, Jeroen Kimman
Animations – Geert Glas
Additional direction – Lizzy Timmers
Lyrics & Texts – Esther Mugambi, Wilbert Bulsink, Geert Glas
Dramaturgy – Melle KromhoutLight – Luuk Vierhout
Technical production and sound – Thomas Koopmans