Rosa Ensemble

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ambient, minimal, choir, spoken word, scientific

Akasha, a brief theatre of everything.

Akasha is a big bang performance. A story of lives, sung and spoken, beyond time and space. All stories, all memories, all relations to others come together in Akasha. A mesmerizing and seductive kaleidoscope, hypnotizing, sexy and out of this world. “All goes onward and outward and nothing collapses”. 

Rosa’s Akasha is a studio recording of the large scale theatre performance Rosa created in 2016.

Akasha can be seen as a holistic oratorio celebrating life and the whole universe as one cloud of matter connecting everything to everywhere.

‘Imagine a sea, an endless sea with ships crossing it. Each wake, every wave stirred up by a ship tells us something about the past, about that ship, when and where it sailed and in what direction it went. The waves contain information, like a memory.’

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