1. Metro 1 -:-- / 1:41
  2. Bam -:-- / 2:25
  3. Metro 2 -:-- / 0:34
  4. Coma -:-- / 3:01
  5. Do You Like To Go Up In The Air? -:-- / 3:41
  6. Amaterasu -:-- / 2:10
  7. It Doesn’t Matter -:-- / 3:46
  8. Park -:-- / 3:35
  9. Thuis -:-- / 2:35

Anticantate (2013) by Rosa Ensemble

Released during the 15th anniversary of Rosa Ensemble in 2013.
released January 30, 2013

“The sun disappeared. Darkness fell and the end of time had arrived.”

Anticantate is an electro-acoustical collage performance in which music, images, dance and text in multiple languages are intertwined. In these grim times of financial crisis, war and terrorism, the Rosa Ensemble goes in search of a perfect harmony to bring the world back into balance. Anticantate is a performance about catastrophes in everyday live, which unleash an inner strength one wasn’t aware of.
Author Annemarie Slotboom wrote four stories on approaching misfortune, based on the Japanese myth of Amaterasu, goddess of the sun, who hides in a cave to escape her evil brother, causing the sun not to rise. These stories are used in a thrilling text collage in multiple languages.
Anticantate is a surround-sound performance. Text and music plays on a 24 speakers surrounding the audience. Actress Lizzy Timmers will sing, dance and perform in the midst. As such, every word is part of the music and the performance verges on the borders of music, theatre and music theatre.

Director/Composer: Daniel Cross
Video: Arnoud Noordegraaf
Text: Annemarie Slotboom
, Lizzy Timmers
Dramaturgy: Geert van Boxtel

Performance: Lizzy Timmers
Piano: Laurens de Boer
Bass: Peter Jessen
Guitar: Jeroen Kimman
Electronics/big drum: Daniel Cross

Voices: Sevil Aydin, Ron Bunzl, Izumi Furuta, Kees Hulst, Rob List, Bert Luppes, Raj Mohan, Esther Mugambi, Roos Ouwehand, Sahand Sahebdivani, Sandra Singh, Cora Schmeiser.
Sound/technique: Thomas Koopmans, Daniël Stam
Light: Luuk Vierhout