Peloton (2015)


Peloton is a thirty minute musical theatre performance which features the bicycle as musical instrument. Three Rosa Runners, playing while seated on racing bikes, strive to reach Paris, the yellow shirt, the trial, the polka dotted shirt, the kiss of the near miss.

Apart from the essentials; water bottles, liquid supplements and rumours of doping, the runners make full use of their voices, drums, keyboards, a clarinet, trumpet and double bass.

The question is, how do they manage all this while cycling?

Peloton was created for the start of the Tour de France on 4 and 5 July 2015 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Performers: Florian de Backere, Mike Rijnierse, Peter Jessen, Daniel Cross
Music: Florian de Backere en Floris van Bergeijk
Image: Mike Rijnierse
Animation: Ludmila Rodrigues
Technique and Production: Sebastiaan Pos
DesignRufus Ketting
Photography: Kris van Veen 

Rosa Ensemble – Peloton preview from Rosa Ensemble on Vimeo.