Soselo in Siberia

Soselo in Siberia is a fairytale. A fairytale with an unhappy ending – if it in fact has an ending at all…

A girl named Margarita meets a boy named Soselo. The fall madly in love and get married. At first, they are happy, as young couples should be. But then, after a while, Soselo begins to change. He turns into a dictator – a cold-blooded tyrant who bears no resemblance to the young man Margarita fell in love with. She can no longer live with this – nor with him – and decides to put an end to her life.

As punishment for committing the Sin of Sins – taking her own life – she is sentenced to forced labor in Siberia: to build a highly efficient industrial town. Margarita travels through vast tundras and icy snowfields, gets trapped at a border post that constantly moves and suffers from nightmares caused by Soselo… She finds that even death can not set her free from the grip of the dictator.

Soselo in Siberia is a multimedia performance by 33one3rd Collective and Rosa Ensemble about borders. Borders between past and future. Between reality and illusion. Good and evil. Hatred and love. Life and death. The starting point for this performance is Soselo: the pseudonym of a young poet, seminarian, tenor, womanizer and bank robber Iosif Vissarionovitsj Dzjoegasjvili.


Daniel Cross (percussion, electronics), Floris van Bergeijk (guitar), Peter Jessen (double bass), Stephanie Pan (voice), Petra Ball (voice), Koen Kaptijn (trombone), Diamanda Dramm (violin), Ainhoa Miranda (clarinet)

Kevin Walton

Jules van Hulst, Douwe Dijkstra en Coen Huisman


Daniel Cross, except
To the Moon – Jeroen Kimman
Industry – Stephanie Pan
Border Patrol – Eefje de Visser

Osip Mandelstam, Von Einzig, Soselo

Soselo in Siberia – trailer from 33one3rd on Vimeo.