Vaandragers (2006)

with Spinvis.

All is well. We smell nice, we can handle it. Our dreams are in the are, we just have to harvest them.

Six people get together to design a perfect world in one evening.
Without sceptism, without fear.

Six musicians, three of the Rosa Ensemble and three of Spinvis build an infectious dream with sounds and words.
Be infected! Let yourself be carried away on hope!
Tomorrow you bike to work! (at least).

The music theater performance Vaandragers (‘Flag carriers’) is a performance about hope for progress and the positive feeling of construction. The audience joins in an almost happy, optimistic play of music, text and sound.

Rosa and Spinvis are:
Jasper Boeke – bass, theremin, vocals; Daniel Cross – percussion, keys, vocals; Karlijn Scheepers – saxophone, blokfluit, flute, vocals; Saartje van Camp – violoncello, vocals; Erik de Jong (Spinvis) – vocals, guitar; Jan van Eerd – vibraphone, vocals, samples

Music: Floris van Bergeijk, Jasper Boeke, Daniel Cross, Erik de Jong
Text: Erik de Jong, Jasper Boeke
Director: Matthias Mooij

Blowing bubbles with Spinvis and the Rosa Ensemble (3voor12)