The Danish Detective returns! After a succesful first season Rosa continues with a new thriller to watch and listen to.
Come to Theater Kikker in Utrecht to see how a radio play is performed live. 
DDD_2022 is a magical play about a dangerous search for truth, love and justice.  As a crime lover you follow the whole series. Can’t come and see the whole series? No problem; every episode is a brilliant play in itself! 

A long story short

It’s 2022. Four years after his dishonorable resignation at the police Chris Coubergh fights for his rights to see his little son Caspar. His ex wife Carolien, a succesful prosecutor, works on an explosive case against a criminal real estate baron.  During one of the sessions she receives an alarming threat.  

Then little Caspar disappears – the start of a dangerous search.

The frustrated father changes into an agitated perpetrator, and as prime suspect of his one child’s disappearance, Chris Coubergh can only think of one person who could help him in this difficult situation… The Danish Detective. But didn’t he go missing himself four years ago?

With: Florian de Backere script, play, sounds | Floris van Bergeijk music, keyboards, play, sounds | Daniel Cross percussion, play, sounds | Diamanda Dramm violin, play, sounds | Koen Kaptijn trombone, play, sounds | Peter Jessen bass, play, sounds


Theater Kikker: Fridays / Saturdays at 20.30hrs , Sundays at 15.00hrs

11, 12, 13 januari – episode 1: Dromen doven door daglicht

25, 26, 27 januari – episode 2: Daarom doolt de Dybbuk

8, 9, 10 februari – episode 3: Drie dimensies donderen

22, 23, 24 februari – episode 4: Duiding doordringt de dwazen


17 januari 20.30hrs, Kargadoor – De Dís danst

30 januari 20.30hrs, EKKO – Drink donker

16 februari 20.00hrs, TivoliVredenburg – Daderdag

The first season of De Deense Detective can be listened to as a podcast via iTunes. The new episodes of the second season will be broadcasted in collaboration with VPRO Radio twice a week..

Ticket sales: Theater Kikker: www.theaterkikker.nl, T 030 23 47 100

Photo: Wouter Jansen



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