De Val van Chris Coubergh

To find himself he must lose everything

A magic realist theater radio play about relentless ambition and silent rage


An ambitious police inspector must uncover the identity of an unknown mutilated stranger. However, by uncovering the mystery he unwittingly (unintentionally) endangers his marriage, his new family and his own life. 

After two successful seasons of The Danish Detective, ROSA returns with a new audio thriller. The Fall of Chris Coubergh is an immersive experience where film music, podcast and radio play come together in the theater. The audience is witness to ROSA’s sound factory. Everyone receives wireless headphones, through which they are enveloped in a rich soundscape and compelling story about great police ambitions and even greater human failing.

What sounds make a place delict? What do we hear in the belly of a pregnant woman? How does our conscience sound? With The Fall of Chris Coubergh ROSA makes a film noir for your ears, live in the theater. While the actors speak, you witness on site how they also create the sound effects and simultaneously perform all music live. The story goes through our ears straight to the imagination. There where police inspector Chris Coubergh works day and night to conclude an ongoing (lingering?) murder investigation. He wants to go home to care for his pregnant wife. Then an unknown mutilated man, barely alive, washes up in the harbor of Amsterdam. When he wakes up he begins to speak about errors in the murder investigation the Chris Coubergh is concluding. The night before the birth of his new child Chris is in danger of losing control of his entire life. In the polyphonic chaos he tries to save his marriage and his career, but only comes closer and closer to the abyss.

With final direction by Ria Marks, ROSA creates an ode to contemporary thrillers, and brings radio play’s old craft in the art of listening to deep hidden secrets.

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Photo: Annaleen Louwes

Anne van Veen, Daniel Cross, Floris van Bergeijk, Florian de Backere en Peter Jessen
Live sound engineer: Sebastiaan Pos

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