High impact rock spectacle: the band Waanzee besieges their public to save the planet.

Waanzee is an off-the-rails pop concert, in collaboration with director Ko van den Bosch.
The eponymous band is a double-headed rock monster with a driving groove and a clear message: rise up against the multinationals destroying our planet, rise up for a new society. Humanity as a wolf pack, led by the strongest. No-one left behind. The lead singer is prepared to shed his own blood in order to start the revolution, but his plea for meaningful violence won’t sit well with the authorities.

Photo: Annaleen Louwes
Vox, performance: Yorick Heerkens, Lucia Kiel
Bass: Jasper Boeke, Peter Jessen
Drums: Gerri Jäger, Daniel Cross
Guitar: Floris van Bergeijk, Jeroen KimmanScript and Director: Ko van den Bosch
Music: Daniel Cross, Jasper Boeke, Floris van Bergeijk
Costumes: Carmen Schabracq
Lighting design: Hendrik WaltherRecordings & mix album: Sebastiaan Pos
Mastering album: Bob Olhsson


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