The world a thread

co-production with Stichting Maanzaad

Sunday @ 14:00

ZIMIHC theater Stefanus, Utrecht

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ZIMIHC theater Stefanus Utrecht
Maanzaad and the Rosa Ensemble presents:


Two men, Heket and Anders, become entangled in a city of threads and fabric. The walls hang from the sky and the houses search for their foundations. Nothing is certain anymore and the pair suffer from the deadlock and the delusion they have given themselves. They are truly in the pit.
No, they are not best friends, but under the circumstances they share their stories of long ago and hope for the blessing of the world ‘above’. Heket feels responsible and does his best so that both of them can survive. Anders seems lazy and has his quiet playful thoughts.

Two musicians, the violinist and the bassist, move freely through the city. They initiate the change in perspective and show the possibilities of the wide environment.

Compositions:  Dion Nijland
Text:  Maarten Doorman
Images:  Marij Nielen
Actors:  Michiel Bijmans & Florian de Backere
Bas:s  Dion Nijland
Violin:  Jasper le Clercq
Sound design:  Daniel Cross
Image design:  Marij Nielen
Technique:  Sebastiaan Pos, Rogier Janssen, Roeland Jansen, Daan de Boer


Twee presentaties op zondag 3 oktober 2021, 14:00 tot 14:45 uur en 16:00 tot 16:45 uur.
Theater Stefanus, Braziliëdreef 2, Utrecht
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Geschikt vanaf 12 jaar en gratis voor jeugd tot 18 jaar.
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