Two operas about intolerance: Anne & Zef and The Others
Opera Spanga in co-production with Rosa

Friday @ 20:00

Opera Spanga, Spanga, Nederland

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Lindedijk 11 8482 KS Spanga Gemeente Weststellingwerf Friesland - op de grens van Overijssel

WAKE UP! has a simple message for the audience – young and old: wake up! Stop going through life asleep. No longer accept everything you hear from your friends, your family, your neighbors, your teachers. Do’nt believe everything you see on a screen. The world is not a simple place with simple answers, divided into Good Guys and Bad Guys. Bad people sometimes do good things, and all too often good people are capable of terrible behavior.

75 years after the end of WWII it is time for all of us to wake up and look at the complexity of our own history. It is time for ourselves, our parents, our children and especially for the young, who will be the leaders of the future, to realize that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.

Anne & Zef | libretto Ad de Bont | composition Monique Krüs
Anne and Zef meet in the afterlife. Anne died in a concentration camp. Zef, an Albanian boy of our time, was killed by his best friend because of vengeance. Zef’s mother, whom he loves dearly, plays a crucial role in continuing the blood feud. She sends her own son to death through pride, superstition and rules dictated by religion. Anne and her family, who were hiding above the company where Anne’s father worked, were probably betrayed by a colleague of her father.
Anne and Zef discover that they have a lot in common. Their budding teen romance shows that prejudice is still the order of the day. Check out the trailer for Anne & Zef (English).

The Others | libretto Jonathan Levi | composition Floris van Bergeijk
Co-initiated by João Ramos Marta

Based on the Lisbon massacre from 1506, where thousands of new Christians were the victims of frightened dissenters, this opera denounces religious intolerance and the fear of migration. The protagonists in The Others are a Catholic Frisian sailor, a Jewish lender from Spain and an Islamic young woman from Egypt.
In the course of the opera we discover that they are all decent, passionate people – and yet they have committed terrible crimes.

In 2020, the Netherlands will celebrate 75 years of freedom
We all want peace
We just cannot agree on how we can achieve this

Including Aylin Sezer, Eric Reddet, David Visser, Anjeza Marku, Patrik Vjollca, Tjalling Wijnstra, Corina van Eijk, Henk Post, Marjan Boukes, Pieter de Rooij, Laura Government, João Ramos Marta, Vera De Bie, Peter Jessen, Jeroen Kimman, Koen Keevel

The operas are sung in English, Arabic and Frisian and surtitled in Dutch.