Rosa sub Rosa 9 – Europe 5.1 (2012)

In the ninth edition of Rosa sub Rosa the Rosa Ensemble cooperates with students of the education Art Media and Technology in Hilversum and composers from the Conservatory of Maastricht. Together with the ensemble they designed an impressive interactive performance in image and sound.As a result they created their own Europe, with al the noise, misunderstandings, brilliant ideas and megalomania that belong to it.

This ‘live’ sound and image installation describes the (im) possibilities of a steerable Europe. On the one hand , RsR9eUROPA5.1 is a metaphor for the populistic/centralistic machinery of ‘Bruxelles’, and on the other hand the harmony of a united Europe. From Bruxelles, Guy Verhofstadt will explain his vision on Europe 5.1.

In the Rosa sub Rosa series the Rosa Ensemble invites young makers to join in and work for and with the ensemble in making a performance. The series is about music and experiment, development and mutual encounter.

Rosa sub Rosa 9 is powered by Gaudeamus Muziekweek/PUMP and is a co-production of The Rosa Ensemble and Stichting Intro in situ, in cooperation with Gaudeamus Muziekweek, HKU and the conservatory of Maastricht.

Peter van der Kuijt – 3D Art, User Manual
Sophie van der Sijp – Interaction Design
Rogier Jupijn – Digital Media Design
Hayo Eisenga – Digital Media Design
Erwin Tuijl – Music Technology
Frank Bovet – Composition
Floor Paauw – Music Technology
Maartje Weijers – Digital Video Design
Ibrahim Attallihi – Digital Video Design
Jesse Passenier – Composition
Marijn Moerbeek – Composition
Wijnand Speelman – Media Management

Laurens de Boer – Piano, keys
Jeroen Kimman – Guitar, electronica
Stephanie Pan – Vox, electronica
Daniel Cross – Percussion, electronica
Peter Jessen – Bass